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Divorce Records

  • Divorce Records

    Accessing Divorce Records

    Divorce records and other public records are often used for genealogical research, and they are easy to access by anyone. You can often go online to request many public records. Most of the records you will need, including divorce records, are available through certain government agencies. All of these agencies have websites, and it is simply a matter of visiting these websites to learn how to access the records you need.

    It is important to remember that you may be required to pay a small fee for each of the records you need to get for your research, depending on the agency and the type of records involved. You may also have to wait for up to six weeks to get copies of the divorce records you need, depending on the county and state where you are requesting the information from.

    Why Would You Want to Access Divorce Records?

    People have all kinds of different reasons for wanting to get access to certain public records, including divorce records. For instance, they are ideal for doing genealogical research, because they can contain a wealth of information. Other reasons why you may want to access divorce records and other public records include:

    • To learn if a potential spouse has previously been married
    • To learn more about a potential employee

    The only divorce records you are not able to access are those that have been sealed for one reason or another. Many celebrities and other well-known people have their divorce records and other documents sealed so no information can be leaked out to the public. When you request any public records, there may be a small fee involved to cover administrative costs, and you may have a waiting period of as long as six weeks.

    How to Get Access to Divorce Records

    Before you can get access to any records, you will need to have certain pieces of information for security purposes. You are going to need the names of both parties, who are named in the records and other information, including:

    • The date of the divorce (if you don’t know the exact date, an approximate date will often suffice)
    • Where each party lived at the time of the divorce
    • The maiden name of the wife, and the middle names of both parties
    • Sometimes there is even information such as the names of any children the couple may have had
    • The reason for the divorce (this is information that is not always available)

    If you can provide any additional information when you are requesting divorce records, it is going to make it a lot easier to find those records. Once you have all of the required information, you can request the records you need. You can also opt to have someone else who is experienced in gathering records to get the divorce records for you, but this can get quite expensive, and if you are working on a budget, this just won’t work. It is easy to get divorce records yourself, and you will save money by doing so.

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