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How to Complete a Family Tree Chart

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    Last Updated: July 10th, 2011

    Complete Your Family TreeIn the past, completing a family tree chart was a somewhat long and tedious process. Would-be genealogists could expect to spend long hours in the basements of libraries and record-keeping facilities, searching through dusty boxes for the names of long-dead relatives and recording their findings by hand in notebooks and binders. Luckily, the Internet has changed all this. There are now a variety of easier ways to discover family history.


    At first glance, Facebook may not seem like a genealogy tool, but completing a family tree is much easier with access to the enormous pool of Facebook users currently online. Facebook can connect you with long lost family members as easily as long lost friends; it even has an app affiliated with the history site Footnote.com. The Footnote website is fully equipped to help you find and preserve family information and history, as it has access to over 30 million documents. Some of this information is free, while a full membership costs 11.95 a month.


    Wikitree is an interesting tool for genealogists; it seeks to complete a family tree for the entire world, as opposed to just one lineage. This can be a real help for those searching for unknown family members. Profiles for each family member in a lineage are created individually and then linked together with other lineages to create a massive web of historical relationships. There are policies in place to protect the privacy of living individuals, so don’t be worried that your information will fall into the wrong hands! Access to Wikitree is free and public.


    Similar to the previously mentioned Footnote.com, Ancestry.com has a database of over six billion records to help those looking to complete a family tree chart. They offer a 14-day free trial, after which users must pay a monthly fee of $19.95 for US records or $29.95 for worldwide records. This is rather pricy for the amateur genealogist, but if you are really set on exploring every nook and cranny of your family tree, it is one of the most extensive and reliable options out there.


    Tpstry.com is unique among ancestry sites because it focuses on memories and personal quirks rather than names and dates. This is the site that will allow you to catalog your great grandmother’s favorite food, an uncle’s famous shoeshine technique, or your godfather’s dream car. As more and more family members record their memories, they will discover things they never knew about one another! This is a great way to pass information from generation to generation, even when family members are spread across the globe. Tpstry.com is currently free to all members.

    With new and improved tools to research and complete family trees, finding out your personal family history has never been easier! Genealogy can be a fun and exciting way to learn about the past, but it is also a valuable tool for the future; when new generations can build their lives upon the foundations of those who came before, we are all better off.

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    November 14th, 2011 at 7:02 pm

    The internet is a very rich source of information to learn our family relatives, history and backgroud. The connection that it brings such as facebook gave us the tool to communicate with relatives more often than before.

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