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How to Find Your Irish Ancestors – Part 1

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    Last Updated: March 14th, 2012

    Find Irish AncestorsTracing your routes is becoming much more of a necessity in some families as heritage is slowly being lost and drowned out amongst the hustle and bustle of the technological boom, where the world is developing at such a pace that there is slowly becoming less space available. In this effort gather as much information as possible for the future, sometimes we are losing site of the past, however, using the very technology that is hiding history, we can also reveal more about the past than ever before. The purpose of this article is to maintain the information or Irish descendants that have emigrated to large communities, particularly westernized locations such as Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the United States. It should not be mistaken that Irish heritage begins in Ireland, but rather your home country and that starting a search limited to your home country will help facilitate information that leads back to Ireland. If you’re Irish, these are some of the best ways on how to find your Irish ancestors and links to your past. Using the internet and various online tools and resources, it is becoming increasingly easier to trace back your cultural heritage, regardless of your ethnic background; it is almost assured that you will be able to find what you’re looking for.

    Know what information you are looking for

    When you are searching to reconnect with your cultural roots, it is important to first establish what aspect you are searching for. Are you looking to find out how far your genealogy traces back, connect your family with that of royalty or historic locations or you just wish to know how to find your Irish ancestors. It is always important to analyse what information you already have in order to learn more about what you’re looking forward. Gathering as much background information on your ancestors and heritage is a key aspect to finding out more about your past, because simply, if you do not know anything, you do not have any information to go from. Some important details for creating a successful search include knowing the townland or parish address, year emigrated, location emigrated to, age, marital status, Christian and Maiden name of wife and any the names and ages of any children.

    Online websites and tools

    One of the key aspects of the technological boom is the Internet, which has become apart of the modern lifestyles of almost every person living today. The internet gives us an extremely wide berth to explore all facets of knowledge as we know it and is constantly being updated and improved by the minds of the marvellous. As a result, it also bears the knowledge of a lot of the past and allows people to find out their history through the resources that the websites offer. Websites to use include FamilySearch, Irish Family History Foundation, Irish Origins and also National Archives of Ireland, to name but a few of the resources available. Each and every one of these websites has the ability to track down your genealogy through the careful and thorough analysis of government documents and national archives, ensuring that the information you receive is authentic and accurate.

    Persistence is key

    When you’re looking for information, there is a lot to find through persistence. These different resources can trace back your history through a number of sources and provide to you a plethora of information that you never thought possible. It all begins with wondering how to find your Irish ancestors and before you know it, you have birth records, marriage records, immigration records; death records and a large amount of information that will help you gain a clearer understanding of your history and where you have originated from. Census information is also an important slice of information that people use to purely establish where their ancestors stood, whereas for some, simply finding a bloodline that spans back with such prestige is news enough.

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    Family Search: https://www.familysearch.org/
    Irish Family History Foundation: http://www.brsgenealogy.com/
    Irish Origins: http://www.irishorigins.com/
    National Archives of Ireland: http://www.nationalarchives.ie/

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