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How to Find Your Irish Ancestors – Part 2

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    Last Updated: March 15th, 2012

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    Find Irish AncestorsOn offer from online websites

    Retracing your history no longer has to be a hassle, when you have the Internet at your disposal, an invaluable tool in the human thrive for knowledge and understanding. When you want to learn of your Irish heritage or how to find your Irish ancestors, the use of the internet provides websites which are available to everyone and provide all the information you’ll need. As previously mentioned, there are a number of different websites that can help with this. FamilySearch searches through civil registration indexes, births, marriages and deaths that have been transcribed through the Church of Jesus Christ Latter-day Saints. Alongside this there is the Irish Family History Foundation which coordinates through a network of government research centres and can be tracked through the history of the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. Irish Origins provides a subscription based genealogy census information, Irish Royal Garrison Artillery Records and also the best Griffiths Valuation available online. Finally amongst the mix is the National Archives of Ireland, which provides database of immigration transport information as well as access to census records.

    Possible other alternatives

    Whilst the Internet provides a fast, effective and cheap method of producing results, the work of private detectives and organisations should not be entirely discredited. Whilst there are a number of different sources that can help determine how to find your Irish ancestors, the right methods should always be considered first with regards to what you have available. Checking out the websites on offer is free and can really help you to get a step forward on your path to learning more about yourself. Aside from utilising alternatives, refining your own search parameters and adding more defined searches can help to produce different results and steer you more towards the direction that you’re looking for.

    Search Parameters

    The popular search engine Google can also help with finding more information, so long as you adhere to certain search parameters, making it much easier to define the correct information. Search for key words respective of the information you are looking for and negate common words such as “the” and “or” as well as “and”. Using different letters cases (upper or lower) cases can yield different results as will the order of words you place into the search. The use of certain characters can also help yield special results. When using the search engine, the use of double quotations [“] will help to find exact matches, and a minus symbol [-] will negate words from appearing.

    Double Quotes: “Parton”
    Minus Symbol : “dolly” -parton

    What to do for more information

    When you have further enquiries about the results you have found or want to gather more information on existing information that you’re looking for, you can always consult more of the websites databases or even contact the site administrators yourself. It’s their job to help you find all the information you’re after, and the staff that are hired to manage the site know more information about it than anyone else. The use of their services also entitles you to use their insight to help find more information, therefore allowing more access to the services that are available.

    Success is proven

    Tracking down your heritage has never been easier, and it’s safe to assume once again that it’ll only get easier. As the world progresses, there will be more innovations in technology as well as our methods of retaining information the past and unlocking the secrets of history. As time goes on, it’ll become even easier than typing “How to find your Irish Ancestors” in a search engine, where all the information will already be accessible and accurate. Maintaining a connection with the past may not be easy as we progress through our lives towards the future, but with the invaluable resources and online websites available, finding the past has become a whole lot easier.

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    Family Search: https://www.familysearch.org
    Irish Family History Foundation: http://www.brsgenealogy.com/
    Irish Origins: http://www.irishorigins.com/
    National Archives of Ireland: http://www.nationalarchives.ie/

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    Daniel bliek
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    I want to find out my orgins not history’s best

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    Daniel bliek
    May 21st, 2015 at 8:40 pm

    I want to find out my orgins not history’s best

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