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Research Books–Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Buy Used

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    Last Updated: January 12th, 2009

    BookIt goes without saying that when you become interested in keeping your family history and especially if you’re going to get others interested in it, you’re probably going to need to purchase some books. Even if you weren’t an avid book addict prior to beginning your research, by the time its over you’re going to have a well stocked bookshelf, because there are so many great ones, and so many that are necessary in helping you to develop and hone the skills it takes to dig up the buried treasure that is your family’s past.

    Aside from those how to books, you’ll find yourself the proud possessor of local history books and pamphlets, ethic history books, career history books, and other things that help you to understand what life was like in that time period, and thus to better understand what kinds of skills its going to take to find the members of your family that you’re looking for.

    It also goes with out saying that text books and history books don’t come cheaply for the most part.
    Buying books to help you learn and to understand is going to be expensive, and the best tip I ever got from a genealogist, even apart from the small tips on how to accomplish certain tasks, was to purchase used books from online–and offline–booksellers and take advantage of what someone else doesn’t want any longer to get what you need to do your research.

    Amazon has some wonderful deals on used books, and if you check below the new copy price you will see –x number used starting at– and a price that is usually well below what the retail price of the new book is.

    Not only Amazon offers used books. Hastings Booksellers, as well as B Dalton have used books co-mingled with their new ones and the prices on some of them are amazing. I’ve purchased how to books from Hastings for less than a third what the new book would have cost. Most of them are in great shape and will, as with a new book, last a lifetime if cared for.

    One tip, check the shipping rates. sometimes the books themselves are not so costly as the shipping, depending on where your book is coming from. It may pay you to find the used book in a store near you as opposed to online, or to pay full price rather than a highly escalated shipping fee, however, for the most part, Amazon prices are very reasonable for shipping as well as the used research book you’re trying to find.

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