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    How to Find People Using Public Records

    You can use public records to find people. How many times have you thought to yourself that you would love to get in touch with people that you knew many years ago? These days, finding people can be relatively easy, especially when you have the right tools, such as public records.

    When you are trying to find people from your past, it may take a little bit of work, but the results could be very worthwhile. Here are some tips to finding people using public records:

    • Try to remember as much information as possible about the person you are trying to find. You may have some former contact information, which although is no longer in use, can help to lead you to that person. Previous addresses and phone numbers can come in really handy when you are trying to track someone down. The more information you have about people, the easier it is going to be to find them, unless of course they are trying to not be found.
    • Use one of the many online services to find public records. You can search by state, city, type of record, etc., and it may be that you will have to do a number of searches before you hit on the information you want. Once you start your search, you will find that you can search through many different types of records that at one time were not accessible by the general public. These records include tax records, census records, marriage records, court records and many other public records.
    • Once you have chosen the type of public records you want to use for your search, then you can start to get down to the nitty-gritty. To find people with the records you choose, you simply have to enter their name and any other information you may have about them.
    • Take advantage of government websites, such as USA.gov. You can find many public records through the government websites. Once you are on the sites, you just have to enter the city or state where you want to begin your search. Then, you can start entering the information you have about the person you trying to locate.
    • If you want copies of the public records, you will have to request them from the appropriate agencies. You can usually get birth certificates from the state the person was born in, as well as other records that will help you with your search. You may be asked to pay a small administration fee for some of the records you request.

    Before you start paying money for copies of records, you should begin your search with the records you know you can get for free, such as the phone book. You can also do a name search online to see if you can find people. Once you have exhausted every other method, using public records is a really great way to find people you have lost touch with over the years.

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