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African American Research Resources

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    Last Updated: May 17th, 2009

    African American AncestryInvestigations into African American genealogy is challenging at best and making a successful foray into this adventure takes some time and effort, however the effort has at least been lessened lately due to the wider array of publications and resources that are offered to us by the internet and other media.

    Before digging into those however, its important to dig into your own resources, family members, personal papers and get everything organized and in order so that you have a method to your madness.

    While thats of course important in any kind of sound research, its especially important when it comes to finding African-American research. There are some great resources out there that will even help you to develop a great methodology for your African American genealogy research.
    Find Ancestors
    One such book, more than ten years old, but still pertinent and relevant to your research in that it helps you to appreciate and understand the idea of contexting, will offer you a wide array of information on not just African American genealogy but all types of genealogy and how to move forward with it.

    The book, The Source: A Guidebook Of American Genealogy (Third Edition) is available to you from nearly any book seller as well as from Amazon.com and offers you a chapter about Tracking African American Family History, and can offer you a great view of what other groups might have interacted with your ancestors, such as political or social or anti slave groups in any given area, as well as what effect local laws or regulations might have had on your ancestors travels and the records that exist of them.

    Another wonderful resource, with a wealth of links as well as news in a blog type format that is helpful in finding out what new and upcoming African American information is out there on the net and in print can be found at Afrigeneas.com

    Afrigeneas.com is a superb reference and a great place to start with your African American research.
    It is a well organized listing of information and resources that will offer you a great many links to world wide information.

    YOu will find a mailing list, a place where you can ask questions and get answers as well as information on gatherings and helpful insight in conducting your research along with The AfriGeneas News is an online newsletter that shares tips and methods as well as resources for your work in African American genealogy

    Afrigeneas News is one of the more helpful and knowledgable newsletters online today with regard to African American Genealogy.

    When you’re working with a group of people such as African American or Native American, about whom and for whom records are sometimes lacking or found in vague places, getting all the tips and tricks you can for that kind of research from those who have been there and done that is going to be helpful.

    Happy Hunting.

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