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How Important are Vital Records for Your Genealogy Research

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    Last Updated: March 29th, 2012

    Discovering the history of your origin is both an exciting and difficult journey to traverse. Sometimes the journey can produce interesting and enticing results, whilst others can unearth long and forgotten history that may have been better left lost. Regardless, there is an undeniable urge to pinpoint our past in order to establish our future, and the discovery of our ancestors is integral to learning more about who you are. Important items that assist with this search are known “Vital Records”.

    What are Vital Records?

    Vital Records for GenealogyVital Records is a general term that applies to documentation pertaining to individuals. These are deemed as vital as they contain information of significant events and details of a person throughout the duration of their life, including birth certificates, marriage license and death certificates. These are also guaranteed as protected, as they are kept and maintained under government control. There are also non-government records including divorce records, cemetery records, obituary records

    Where are Vital Records found?

    There are various locations which Vital Records can be found, with a strong majority of them online and a number of different websites offering library services to help retrieve Vital Records. The website Archives.com maintains on of the strongest internet connections with Archived information and boasts millions of records, helping you to find you history and gain expert knowledge on your genealogy. Archives.com has recently partnered with the New England Historic Genealogical Society and has added over 2 million more vital records to its collection, as well as the resurfacing of over 900,000 Texas and North Dakota Cemetery and Vital Records from Dickinson City.

    An alternative to using online websites is the storage of Vital Records in off-site storage, and accessing them can be as simple as contacting the respective section to which the records pertain, as well as specialized Vital Records Offices.

    Keywords to use when searching online

    When using internet Vital Record searches, the key to finding your information is the use of particular key words. These can also extended to contacting government bodies when attempting to find your vital records. These keywords include first and last names. Having a name that addresses a person is one of the most basic steps to help narrow down the possible list of suspects from every single person who has ever lived. Recalling any information that relates to the person that you are searching for is also important.Key dates, such as birthdays, marriage anniversaries. Locations also play a similar role in establishing who was where at specific integrals in time.

    Will Vital Records help?

    Vital records are just as the name suggests; Vital. Without vital records, there are no official, accurate or genuine accounts of a person’s life. Vital Records are also compulsory and therefore provide a strong stable for history and records management. This makes them extremely useful tools in learning more about a person and extending that to discovering your genealogy and with consistent maintenance by both government and non-government organizations, it is an easy and effective way of beginning your search for answers.

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