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  • Ancestry DNA Testing: 10 Things You Need to Know
    By on December 23rd, 2011 | 17 Comments17 Comments Comments
    #1: DNA Testing Can’t Take the Place of Research While a genealogy DNA test can offer clues to a person’s origins and can determine if two people may be related, it will not provide you with a complete family tree. DNA testing is a supplement to genealogy research and is most often used to confirm the information that has been compiled through...
  • Native American Genealogy | DNA Testing for Native Am...
    By on July 27th, 2008 | 85 Comments85 Comments Comments
    Many families have rumors of it, have heard it said that their mother or their fathers mother was “full blood” native American of one variety or another. How do you find out whats real and whats fiction? Nearly all Native Americans belong to one of five mitochondrial DNA haplogroups: A, B, C, D or X and all of these are widely distribu...
  • DNA Testing in Genealogy
    By on July 27th, 2008 | No Comments Comments
    Genealogy appeals to one of the more basic needs that we as human beings have. The need to belong is identified as one of those needs which touch all humanity in Maslow’s hierarchy for those of you who have some training in medicine. Genealogy permits you to find out where you belong. At one time genealogy was considered to be a hobby that only ...


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