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Gen Web Project

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    Last Updated: March 24th, 2009

    One of the most incredible feats of volunteers and in genealogy research that exist today, exists online, offering free areas and documents to research for amateurs and professionals alike and is nearly singlehandedly responsible for keeping free genealogy alive and wel and living on the internet.
    We’re speaking of course of the Genweb project.

    Genweb project began around 1996,when an entire group of genealogists which were led by Jeff Murphy organized a comprehensive genealogy database called, amusingly enough, the Kentucky Comprehensive Genealogy Database Project, which was the humble beginning of what was to become the KyGenWeb Project.

    Their idea was to make a single spot where genealogy data and research for all of Kentucky could take place. They would reference and cross reference the data so that it could be easily searched and linked to make it easier to find names or dates that people wanted.

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    IN June of that same year, as the project was nearly 100 percent completed for counties, more volunteers began to create something similar for all the states, and thus began the US Genweb project.

    The founder of the KYgen web, Jeff Murphy set up  a template for volunteers to use.

    Announcements were made to mailing lists and newsgroups and  the word of the project spread, literally by word of mouht, but like wildfire to interested parties and volunteers who were willing to help with the many and diverse tasks that such a huge accomplishment took.
    July of 1996 saw that  most states were online, many had home pages and most had a few volunteers.

    According to GenWeb Project themselves, “There was a core group of people who got involved very early and were key to getting this new Project off the ground. It was these people who laid the groundwork for assuring the success of The USGenWeb Project. These people included Jeff Murphy, Dale Schneider, John Rigdon, Linda Lewis, Joy Fisher, Kim Harris Myers, Billie R. McNamara, Melissa Calhoun, Nancy Trice, Bill Couch, Betty Sellers, Jim Rothgeb, Deke Smith, Sharon L. Rowe, Mary Lynne Ellis, Edward Hayden, Richard Holler, Laura Cook, Gary Steiner, and Diane Miller.”

    To these ardent genealogists and erstwhile volunteers we owe a debt of gratitude that will surely take years if not decades to repay. THey are singlehandedly responsible for our having the data that is free to use, and easy to use, and can offer us the chance to follow our ancestors back through histroy and not have to spend the earth to do it.

    Today, the genweb project continues, using volunteers to assist it as it evolves, grows and changes.  USGenWeb Special Projects have evolved whose mission are to continue to “collect and disseminate data that goes beyond county and state lines.”

    The USGenWeb Project is still growing, and there are always places for new volunteers to adopt county or state pages or participate in a Special Project to assist in that growth. If you think you might ahve a few minutes to spare to keep genealogy free on the internet and to assist in the growth of this most worthwhile project, why not take a walk through the US Genweb pages http://www.usgenweb.org/index.shtml and see what you can do to help.

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